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Trifolium Repens


This might be the best lawn replacement candidate yet. It is perhaps the most environmentally friendly, attractive and economical lawn replacement there is.

These can be planted anywhere from 6 weeks before your first expected frost (seeds/plants are unharmed by snow and will remain semi-evergreen or dormant) in spring, once temperatures have reached 59 degrees or in fall, when temperatures have cooled down in warmer climates. Clover needs cooler temperatures to germinate. It is best not to plant them at the height of summer, when temperatures are at their hottest.

Micro clover is so much more than just a lawn replacement. As a member of the legume family, it extracts nitrogen from the air and returns it to the soil, leaving the soil more enriched than it was to begin with. This makes it great for poor soils and requires no fertilizer!

It is dense so it chokes out weeds, only grows 4 inches tall and can be mowed or not. If unmowed, it will produce tiny white clover flowers that are attractive to pollinators. If mowed, it tends to stay shorter, eventually growing no more than 3 inches.

And it's greener than any grass you are familiar with! It also responds extremely well to foot traffic.

See photo in listing for a comparison of clover versus a standard lawn. If you don't want to rip out your existing lawn, you can even seed this to fill in. It creates a greener scape and blends in with other grasses.

Also excellent between pathway stones.

Perennial zones 3-10. It is semi-evergreen and will return every spring in areas with snow.

Can handle full to part sun and even some shade.

This is for 1 pound, which will cover 1,000 square feet. Please contact me if you are looking for larger amounts. Seeds are collected and then sent off for a special coating called an inoculant, which is nitrogen-fixing bacteria. It is harmless to the environment and beneficial for germination and establishment of the seed in poor soils where this may not be naturally present. The seeds will appear to be pink and dusty. This is actually the coating, the seed is inside the coating.


All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Micro Clover Seeds, 1lb.


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