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A dwarf baby blue version of the Florist's favorite. This is a "bluer" version of the silverdrop and gets slightly larger at 3-5 feet.

These are very easily and commonly kept as house plants and fill your home with the lovely aroma of eucalyptus by simply pinching a leaf. These stay small and compact so they can be kept as potted plants.

For those that like a challenge and are patient, the rewards are great for this highly aromatic and medicinal plant.

The seeds take a while to germinate. 14-21 days, but can be up to a couple of months if temperatures are not warm enough. The challenge is remembering to water them as they need consistent moisture to sprout. As long as you can water an empty pot for a while, these are so exciting to see emerge.

The leaves have a blue hue and are used to make oils. Snip a branch and hang it from your shower head for a wonderfully aromatic olfactory experience.

Benefits of Eucalyptus:

Esty no longer allows me to list the benefits, but I urge you to do your research on this very valuable plant.

Eucalyptus is also used in aromatherapy

Unlike most Eucalyptus plants, these do not get massive.

Perennial in zones 9 and 10. Indoor house plant in any zone.

Can be grown outdoors as an annual in zones 1-8 where it should be planted in spring to summer.

Germination temperatures need to be between 68-72 degrees. Humidity is imperative and needs to be between 70 and 100%. I suggest a planting dome or Saran Wrap to keep seeds consistently moist. Indoor planting is sometimes most suitable to duplicate these conditions but you must have proper growth lights as they require full sun.

Organic Dwarf Baby Blue Eucalyptus seeds

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