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Foam Flower, Wherry’s, Tiarella Wherryi, Shade

20 seeds


The perfect plant for the shade garden or house plant!

The foliage is just as beautiful as the flowers, the leaves are heart shaped which reddish purplish veins and the flowers are spikes of delicate white with pink tips.

These have a clumping habit and spread via underground rhizomes that can fill in a nice area with 1 foot tall plants with a 12-18 inch foot spread for each plant.

These should only be grown in shade or indoors.

LATE FALL/WINTER PLANTING FOR ZONES 3-7. Plant when temperatures are at or below 45 degrees.

FOR CLIMATE ZONES 9+, 8 WITHOUT SNOWFALL OR THOSE WANTING TO GROW IT AS A HOUSE PLANT: These seeds require 4-6 weeks of cold-moist stratification which can be done by folding the seeds in a moist paper towel, placing it in a sealed ziplock bag and putting it in your refrigerator. The seeds should then be started indoors at around 70 degrees. Sprouting can be erratic, anywhere from 14-90 days! Germination is faster the closer the temperature is to 79 degrees. Alternatively, they can be direct sown in fall for a spring emergence in colder climates.

The seeds should be covered with a dome or plastic wrap so the seeds do not dry out during this period.

These make for a beautiful house plant with their low light requirements. The foliage is attractive year round, turning bronze in fall and blooming all spring.

Growing zones 3-9 Perennial that returns every spring or evergreen indoors.

20 Seeds

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All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Heartleaf Foamflower Seeds

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