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Echinops Ritro, White Silver

20 seeds


There are two types of White Globe Thistle, after growing both, I see why this particular variety is preferred (and considerably more expensive!) over the Arctic Glow. Though both beautiful, the Star frost has silvery white stems and silver leaf undersides which almost appear to have a glitter on them. Truly stunning! Although a Thistle, globe Thistle is not spiky and the blooms are actually very soft.

The flowers are golf ball sized perfect globes that are a beautiful compliment to their blue counterpart (see my other listing.)

A huge attractor of honey bees and butterflies, a beautiful fresh cut or dried flower.

Globe thistle is a perennial that returns every spring. It can also be container grown.

Seeds require 60 days of cold stratification. Plant in fall for a spring emergence or simulate winter by cold stratifying in your refrigerator. Sow seeds in flats, water and seal in ziploc bag. Place in refrigerator for 60 days and then place outdoors when temps are between 65 and 70.

Grows from 2-5 feet tall.

Growing zones 3-9

This is for 20 Seeds

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All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Rare Star Frost Globe Thistle Seeds

SKU: EC4120

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