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Setaria Italica, Red Bristle Grass, Foxtail Millet

20 seeds


I love the gentle sway of ornamental grass blooms in a sea breeze! Red Jewel is a very easy grass to grow and gets 2-3 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. It is a very fast growing annual that is not only beautiful but develops a very healthy food for wildlife. Both immature and mature blooms can be used in dried arrangements and make for an excellent bird food. They produce "sprays," for those that are familiar with millet sprays to feed birds. Both the grass leaves, stems and blooms are reddish purple. The blooms start out green and turn to red.

Also known as Red Jewel Wild Millet, Red Jewel grass, Red Bristle grass and Foxtail Millet

These can be grown in any zone as long as the time of year is right, Plant when temperatures are above 68 degrees.

This is for 20 seeds

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Red Jewel Grass Seeds

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