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Eruca Vesicaria

200 seeds


A slow bolt arugula that will allow you to harvest for far longer than standard varieties!

Arugula is my favorite salad green! It has that punch, not spicy, but just a pleasure to eat that you can't quite put your finger on, like fresh parsley. I love that too. Arugula is different though, you have to try it to know the taste. Adds much more flavor interest to salads and this one is so pretty, with its' red veins.

Germination temperatures: 68-75 degrees

This is ideally planted in spring for cooler climates and fall for warm climates. I grow arugula and other salad greens every fall, in zone 10.

Grows 8-10 inches tall and is ready for harvest in only 40 days. Can be harvested at desired size.

This is for 200 seeds

Slow Bolt Arugula seeds


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