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Pink, Hibiscus Laevis, Halberd-leaved, Militaris

25 seeds


Plant when temperatures are at or below 45 degrees or you can cold stratify the seeds in your refrigerator.

A cool climate version of the tropical hibiscus, this stunning plant features pink flowers that darken near the center with pointed leaves. It is also known as Halberd Leaved Mallow because the leaves resemble an ancient sword.

Perennial that returns every spring. These prefer very moist conditions.

These seeds require a period of cold-moist stratification in warmer climates by placing them in a moist paper towel, folding it and putting it in a sealed ziploc bag in your refrigerator for 60 days.

Alternatively, these can be direct sown in fall in zones 4-7 or 8 with snowfall where they will go through a natural "cold stratification," and emerge in spring.

This is for 25 seeds

Growing zones 4-9

Grows to 3-6 feet tall

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All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

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