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Mexican Yam, Pachyrhizus erosus

25 seeds


Although this plant is an herbaceous perennial, it is typically grown as an annual, due to the fact that the tubers are usually also dug up.


True Jicama: (pronounced Hee-Kuh-Muh) These are native to Mexico and Central America. This is a vining plant that produces tubers that taste similar to apples. They can grow up to 50 pounds! They are packed with nutrition, antioxidants and won’t raise your blood sugar like potatoes. The outer skin should not be eaten, so peel the jicama first. It can be eaten raw, with lime juice and salt or dipped in peanut or almond butter. It can also be cooked and mashed like potatoes or cut into strips and fried like french fries.

A very heat tolerant vegetable.

Harvest in 150 days

This is for 25 seeds

True Jicama Seeds

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