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Popcorn, Pink Corn Meal, Red Ornamental Corn

30 seeds, organic


MAKE PINK CORN MUFFINS! What a beautiful red jewel toned corn! Great for popping, making PINK corn meal or for ornamental corn.

Microwave popcorn is the most popular for its convenience, but the coatings on the inside of microwave popcorn bags are extremely unhealthy and harmful. In fact, microwave popcorn is one of the worst things you can eat. Cooking your own kernels on the stove is much less trouble that you think.

This variety is a dwarf sized corn with adorable 3 inch ears. Absolutely beautiful for decorations. This also makes for a fantastic pink corn meal that makes for unusual and pretty corn muffins! Many people grow this corn just for this purpose.

IMPORTANT: Ever plant corn and end up with ears with like 10 kernels on them? Here is why: Corn needs to be planted in a square pattern with a minimum of 4 rows. Corn is wind pollinated, so a square pattern allows for the corn to be pollinated no matter which way the wind blows. Planting in a single row only allows them to be pollinated when the wind is travelling in one direction, which we all know is everchanging. Also, the more you plant, the more opportunity for pollination from nearby plants.

This is for 30 Organic, Non GMO seeds.

With 2-4 ears per stalk, this will yield you 60-120 ears!

Harvest time is 95 days.

I combine shipping on all seed orders, you pay one flat fee for as many seeds as you would like for no additional shipping. Orders over $35 for any combination of items in my shop ship for free!

All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Organic Strawberry Corn Seeds

SKU: ZM0330

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