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If you’ve never seen a sensitive plant it’s one of the coolest things ever! Have you ever seen a plant move by itself?

These are extremely easy to grow and make for awesome house plants!

Mimosa Pudica, (Pudica being the Latin word for shy or modest) also known as sensitive plant, shame plant and touch me not has delicate leaves that recoil and close in response to touch, instantly! The leaves re-open in a few minutes once the plant is left undisturbed. They also close at night.

Also referred to as a “smart plant,” each plant will respond differently based on its environment. If the plant is disturbed frequently by a predator, it will close its leaves for a longer period. If it needs more nutrients, the leaves will remain open longer when dusk approaches to get as much light as possible for photosynthesis.

This plant makes for an excellent house plant and can also be used as a ground cover although it forms a more shrubby like appearance in comparison to Mimosa Strigillosa, which is closer to the ground and has more of a mat like habit (see my other listing.)

The benefits don’t stop there, the plant is in the legume family and is a nitrogen fixer which uses beneficial bacteria in the soil to create its own nitrogen by collecting it from the atmosphere.

This not only makes fertilizer virtually unnecessary, it actually enriches the soil with more nitrogen than there was to begin with.


This plant thrives in heat. It can be grown as an annual in zones 2-8. The bloom period is in summer and seeds can be collected for future plantings. Ideal temperatures are between 65-75 degrees. This species is typicall grown as a house plant.

Can handle full or part sun. Full sun will give you more blooms. They are virtually care free but do need significant water until established. Once established they are very drought tolerant. Because this plant can handle part shade, it can be grown as a house plant in a southern facing window.

This is for 25 organic seeds

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All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Sensitive Plant SEEDS, Organic Mimosa Pudica, Shame, Shy Plant, Touch Me Not,

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