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Capsicum Annuum

40 seeds, organic


If you live in the south and have trouble with bell peppers, this is what you need to grow!

Standard bell peppers will not grow in extreme heat as they have been adapted for centuries to handle cool weather. Their heat loving cousins have a little heat in them too, but not as much as you might expect.

These are great for growing in summer in hot climates. I chose these for my hot climate survival pack seeds, because they vary in heat, depending on when you harvest. You can get a sweeter pepper if you harvest them young and green. Harvest when red if you want some extra heat.

These are actually low on the scoville scale, at 500 to 1000, while jalapenos are at 8,000. They are actually quite mild but can handle some hot weather. These are great raw, stir fried or stuffed.

Grows 6 to 10 inches long

This is for 40 Organic Seeds

Anaheim Hot Climate Pepper Seeds

SKU: CH0140

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