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Apium Graveolens

50 seeds


This is a fascinating celery species that provides quite the range of colors on one plant! The stalks vary in color from deep red, reddish pink and white striped to an almost purple.

***Beware of photos of pink swiss chard that have a similar looking stalk. This is not peppermint celery. Look closely as the leaves which should look like regular celery leaves, not the large round leaves associated with swiss chard.

This is actually an heirloom variety that was grown in England in the 1800's and was reserved for only the wealthy due to it's uniqueness from regular celery. It's namesake is obvious but it was named for this for more than just the color. It has a particularly sweet taste for a celery and is a culinary delight for that reason as well as the fact that it does not lose it's coloring when cooked. It also looks fantastic in a bloody mary!

As you can see from the photos, colors range from a deep red to pink, to pink and white striped to even violet particularly the inner stalks.

Ideal planting temperature is between 60-80 degrees.

Seeds sprout in 2-3 weeks. Lightly press into soil as seeds are very small. After harvest, you can cut off the bottom portion and place it in water in a bright window. Once new celery sprouts form in the center and new roots develop, you can transfer back to the garden for a fast harvest.

This is for 50 Organic Seeds.

I combine shipping on all seed orders, you pay one flat fee for as many seeds as you would like for no additional shipping. Orders over $35 for any combination of items in my shop ship for free!

All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Peppermint Stick Celery Seeds, Apium Gravolens

SKU: AP0250

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