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Many people are unaware that in the past, many different colors of cotton were grown.


You are most familiar with the white, because that is what was eventually chosen as the preferred crop because the cotton did not require bleaching. Cotton actually comes in many colors, including, green, yellow, brown, white and even pink! 


This is real green cotton!


Cotton can be used for organic cotton balls, knitting and is very important for birds to use to keep their nests warm. Plus it’s just a beautiful plant that has gorgeous hot pink blooms and doesn’t get very large. Kids love them!


This is for 5 fresh seeds


Growing zones 8-10.


Can be grown as an annual in cooler zones


Please check your local requirements to see if cotton is permitted to be grown in your area. It is not allowed in certain areas where cotton is grown commercially, due to help control the cotton boll weevil.

All of my seeds are tested. Most seeds are fresh off my own plants.


Only one shipping charge for as many seeds as you would like, all orders over $35 ship for free.

Arkansas Green Cotton Seeds, Gossypium Hirsutum, GY0105

SKU: GY0105

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