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A hard to find new hybrid and a beautiful autumn selection for your garden with a color spectrum reminiscent of pumpkin, cinnamon and clove. 


The Viola hybrid series, commonly known as the "Gem" violas, is derived from a cross between Viola cornuta and Viola tufted pansies. This hybridization results in a diverse range of compact, colorful, and resilient violas that are often used for adding vibrant blooms to gardens, containers, and landscapes. The "Gem" violas are cherished for their ability to thrive in cooler weather and their charming, small-flowered appearance.


The Gem series viola is typically grown as an annual plant. While some violas, like the Viola cornuta species, can be perennial, the Gem series violas are often treated as annuals, meaning they complete their life cycle within one growing season. However, in milder climates, they might exhibit some perennial characteristics and continue to bloom for multiple years.


These can take the cold, develop quickly and can even withstand light frost and keep on blooming! 


Annual zones 3-8A

Short Lived Perennial zones 8B-11


Grows 8-10 inches tall and also does well in containers.

This is for 25 seeds

Aztec Pansy Seeds, Gem Series, Viola

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