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Grape hyacinth, scientifically known as Muscari, is a genus of perennial bulbous plants that are well-known for their distinctive and charming appearance. The most notable feature of grape hyacinth is its flower spikes, which consist of densely packed, small, bell-shaped blue-purple flowers resembling tiny grapes. 


This variety, the broad leaved, Muscari Latifolium, is the largest of the grape hyacinths with very attractive two-tone foliage that sets it apart from the standard single color blue. 


The foliage is strap-like and often green or bluish-green. The leaves arise from the base of the plant and provide an attractive backdrop to the flowers.


Grape hyacinth grows from seeds or bulbs and tends to form dense clusters of plants. The plants are relatively low-growing, reaching a height of about 8 to 12 inches.


They are known for their sweet, musky fragrance. The scent is not overpowering but can add a delightful element to the garden.


Grape hyacinths are spring-blooming plants. They often bloom in early to mid-spring, adding color to gardens when many other plants are just starting to awaken from winter dormancy.

These plants are popular for borders, rock gardens, and naturalizing in grassy areas. They also make lovely additions to containers.

Grape hyacinths are commonly used for forcing indoors, allowing them to bloom earlier than they would outdoors.


Most grape hyacinth varieties are hardy and easy to grow. They are suitable for a wide range of climates and are often considered low-maintenance plants.

Grape hyacinths can be propagated through division of bulbs or by sowing seeds. They naturalize well, meaning they multiply and spread on their own over time. The seeds require a relatively short period of cold to break dormancy, compared to some other winter dormant species, requiring 45-60 days of cold. 


The seeds can be sown in fall or winter for  a spring emergence or the seeds can be folded into a moist paper towel and then sealed in a ziploc bag for 45-60 days and then sowed anywhere from mid to late spring. 


Perennial zones 4-8 Can also be grown as a house plant


This is for 25 seeds

Broad Leaved Grape Hyacinth Seeds, Two-Tone, Muscari Latifolia

SKU: MS5025

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