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Please note that these are bulbs, not plants. US Seller.

Most of the Regnellii green shamrocks have white flowers, this one has pink! The leaves also have occasional white variegation. A perfect compliment to the Iron Cross and Purple Shamrock (see my other listings).

This is your choice of 10, 20 or 50 bulbs.

These are super easy to grow indoors or out (depending on climate and time of year.) The plant will continue to produce new shoots and new bulbs as it grows. Makes a fantastic house plant with its low light requirements and very easy care. Just water when soil is dry and keep in bright light to sun.

Oxalis can go dormant from time to time, particularly when grown outdoors in the ground. Just leave them be. They will return in a matter of weeks and come back bigger and better with more bulbs. When kept as a house plant, you can typically avoid dormancy by not overwatering and protecting it from excessive temperatures (both hot and cold). Be sure to keep the soil moist but don't over water or the bulbs will rot and not return.

Bulbs take about 2 weeks to emerge. I have grown hundreds of these, these are so easy and fun, makes for a great gift.

Grows from 6-12 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Makes a great border outdoors in part sun and a wonderful house plant. These will actually survive in the ground down to zone 7! If you want to grow these in the ground in climates below 7, just dig them up in late fall, store them in a cool dry place, like a basement and re-plant in spring or you can just keep them as a permanent house plant.

USDA Zones 7+. Any zone indoors as a house plant.

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BULBS Oxalis 'Fanny' Regnellii Green Shamrock with Pink Flowers, Choose your qua

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