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Mexican Mint Marigold (Tagetes lucida), is a perennial herb renowned for its ornamental charm, culinary value, and aromatic attributes.

This botanical gem, originating from Mexico, features finely serrated, lance-shaped leaves that exude a delightful anise-like fragrance when touched.

Its vibrant clusters of golden-yellow flowers enhance the garden's visual appeal while attracting pollinators, contributing to a dynamic ecosystem. Gardeners appreciate Mexican Mint Marigold for its adaptability to various soil types, its ability to thrive in both sun and partial shade, and its relatively low maintenance requirements. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the leaves of this herbaceous perennial are harvested for culinary endeavors, infusing dishes with a nuanced licorice flavor. It is also used as a substitute for tarragon.

Tapping into its cultural heritage, Mexican Mint Marigold brings a touch of history and authenticity to garden landscapes, making it a valued addition for horticulturists seeking both sensory delight and practical utility.

This plant is adapted and grows well in Florida, Arizona, Texas and California without being invasive.

Perennial zones 8-11

This is for 50 seeds

Mexican Mint Marigold Seeds, Tagetes Lucida

SKU: TG4450

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