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“Glowing Magenta” Oenothera kunthiana, a captivating variation of the native Kunth’s Evening Primrose, is a botanical masterpiece that radiates with vibrant beauty and elegant charm. This perennial wildflower, belonging to the Onagraceae family, captures the essence of nature’s artistry with its distinctive appearance and captivating blossoms.

“Glowing Magenta” Oenothera kunthiana showcases a symphony of colors, with its magenta-hued petals stealing the spotlight. The exquisite four-petaled flowers open in the evening, creating a captivating display that entices nocturnal pollinators and garden admirers alike. Against the backdrop of lance-shaped foliage, the magenta blooms create a striking contrast.

One of the most enchanting features is its evening ritual. As daylight fades, the petals unfurl to reveal their radiant magenta color, emitting a delicate fragrance that dances on the evening breeze. This nightly transformation adds an element of intrigue and allure to the garden, making it a delightful focal point during twilight hours.

Ecological Contribution:

Beyond its visual appeal, “Glowing Magenta” Oenothera kunthiana serves as a vital source of nectar for nocturnal pollinators like moths and other beneficial insects. This ecological role highlights its significance in fostering biodiversity and contributing to the intricate web of life within the ecosystem.

This is a nice compact Oenothera species, compared to other species in the genus, growing only to 12 inches tall.

Perennial zones 5-10

This is for approx 100 seeds (measured by weight)

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Glowing Magenta Evening Primrose Seeds, Moonlight garden, Oenothera Kun

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