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1000 seeds


A beautiful red, North American native wildflower, these compliment the Leavenworthii, roulette and American dream coreopsis in the most impressive display

This is an incredibly important and useful wildflower for native pollinators.

Annual that will re-seed if desired

1000 seeds will give any area a natural wildflower field look and your pollinators will flock! This plant is especially important for native bees which are often forgotten. Remember that honey bees, while important, are not native to the US.

If you are looking to plant native and help to create “pockets of nature” in urban areas, which has became a must, this is something you should definitely plant.

Prolific bloomer that reaches 15 inches tall

This is for 1000 seeds

Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis Seeds, Coreopsis Tinctoria Dwarf, North Ame


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