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Menzie's Burnet is an Alaskan Native! 

Blooming all summer with very little care, this pollinator magnet bears bottlebrush-like flowers in a rich shade of hot pink-purple. Its tall stems make Menzies' Burnet suitable for cut-flower arrangements, but it really dazzles in borders or feature gardens where it can be easily admired by all who pass by. Drought-tolerant plants.

The seeds require 30 days of cold to break dormancy, which can be achieved by planting in fall or folding into a moist paper towel and then a ziploc bag and refrigerating for 30 days, then sow as normal

grows 2-3 feet tall

Perennial zones 3-8

This is for 20 seeds

Menzie's Burnet Seeds, Sanguisorba Menziesii

SKU: SN0220

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