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Pin-cushion flowers

20 seeds


Knautia (naughty-a) is a genus in the honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae). The common names of these flowers are a variant of "widow flower." Others are given the name "Scabious," although this word belongs to a related genus (Scabiosa). The name Knautia comes from the 17th-century German botanists, Drs. Christoph and Christian Knaut.

Unlike Scabiosa, a related species, these are perennials that will return every spring

Red Knight is a deep crimson red

Grows 1-3 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide. It has a mounding habit. The flowers are pin-cushion like and are highly attractive to bees and butterflies

The seeds require a brief period of cold for 30 days. Seeds can be sown in fall for a spring emergence or cold stratified in your refrigerator. Fold seeds into a moist paper towel, then seal in a ziploc bag and place in your refrigerator for 30 days, then sow as normal, at 68 degrees and above

Perennial zones: 5-9

This is for 20 seeds

Red Knight Knautia Macedonica Seeds

SKU: KN2120

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