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Along with my other listing for Andrographis, this is another absolute must have. Again, I encourage you to Google “Bidens Alba or Bidens Pilosa medicinal value.” As we can only comment on certain benefits of plants. To give you an idea, a pharmaceutical is currently in production. This is a plant that you absolutely want in your garden. 

Bidens Alba and Bidens Pilosa are not the same exact plant but the medicinal value is 100% the same and Bidens Pilosa is not native, while Bidens Alba is. The only difference is that the Alba has more and longer petals.

All parts of the plant are edible. My entire family, including my young child, eat the leaves and flowers on a nearly daily basis.

On top of it all, this is a US Native and in Florida, it is the #2 native highest content of nectar, second to only the native saw palmetto. If you have these, you’ll notice the bees love them!

If you live in Florida, you are probably familiar with what you have called a “weed,” your whole life. You probably know them as Spanish needles. You will stop pulling them after you read up on them. I have a dedicated patch now. My vegetable gardens are planted right next to it and talk about double your vegetable and fruit production with all those bees around.

Perennial zones 8-11, can be grown as an annual

This is for 25 organic seeds.

You don’t need a lot to get started and the germination rate is nearly 100%.

Bidens Alba Seeds

SKU: BI0125

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