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Amaranthus Gangeticus, commonly known as Carnival Amaranth, is an annual plant that grows up to 3 feet tall and produces large, colorful leaves that are green, yellow, and red. The plant is known for its striking appearance and is often used in ornamental landscaping. It is native to Asia but is now grown in many parts of the world as an ornamental plant.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Amaranthus Gangeticus Carnival is also known for its versatility. Its leaves are edible and can be used in salads, soups, and stews, while its seeds can be used to make flour or popped like popcorn. The plant is also used in traditional medicine

This pairs beautifully with Molten Fire Amaranth


This is for 50 seeds

Carnival Amaranth Seeds, Edible plants, Amaranthus Gangeticus

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