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Utah Sweetvetch is a beautiful US and Canadaian native perennial with large plumes of pink flowers. It’s in the legume family and therefore extracts nitrogen from the air, returning it to the soil, rather than depleting it. It leaves the soil richer than it was before planting it.

It is a semi-desert plant and grows well in heat and drought as well as cold.

It is native to Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, both Dakotas, Alaska and Canada

Considered and invaluable species

Grows to 2 feet tall

Perennial zones 1-9

The seeds require 60 days of cold stratification which can be achieved by planting in fall/winter or cold stratifying in your refrigerator. Simply fold the seeds into a moist paper towel and place the towel in a ziploc bag. Put the bag in your refrigerator for 60 days, then sow as normal

Utah Sweetvetch Seeds, US and Canadian Native, Hedysarum Boreale

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