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I don’t know what it is about Helenium that has me so mesmerized.

Something about the shape of the blooms.

Also known as Helen’s flower, the genus name, Helenium, refers to the famous Helen of Troy.

Autumn sneezeweed, like other heleniums had wedge shaped flowers and prominent centers. These are bright yellow, cherry blossoms, reaching 2 inches across. These bloom abundantly and are a North American native. It is found most often in the Midwest, particularly Missouri, but has also been found in all 50 states and Canada. Plant native! 🥰🌱

These like very moist soil and do well in areas that tend to stay moist, even swampy. They will tolerate moderate water as well, but not drought. Keeping the soil very moist will keep them at their best.

These bloom profusely.

Grows 3-5 feet tall

Perennial zones 3-9

This is for 500 seeds

Autumn Sneezeweed Seeds, Helenium Autumnale HL015C


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