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Nightlife Begonia is the darkest leaf wax begonia on the market. Leaves are a deep dark bronze, near black color. 


There are much darker than the bronze leaf begonias that you may be used to seeing at local nurseries. 


The blooms are a mix of pink, red and white. 


Often treated as an annuals, these begonias are actually perennials in zones 8-12, but are easily grown as annuals in zones 2-7 due to their quick growth habit or can be kept as a permanent house plant. While I grow mine outdoors, they are under heavy shade and still bloom profusely. Brighter light will being about darker foliage though.


Grows 6-12 inches tall and wide


The seeds are pelleted as they are naturally tiny. We sometimes send seeds off to be pelleted (coated with clay to preserve the shelf life of the seeds as well as aid in making them easier to see for planting.) 


This is for 25 seeds

Nightlife Mix Begonia, Black Leaf Begonia, Begonia Semperflorens

SKU: BG4025P

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