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PLEASE READ! A native to the east coast of Florida ONLY. Please note that there is also a west coast beach sunflower and cucumber leaf sunflower and it is best to plant the one that corresponds with your location. Mixing the species will cause them to unnaturally hybridize where the other species would not be naturally present for bees to cross-pollinate. It is necessary to plant the appropriate species or subspecies for your location to help preserve the distinct identities and ecological roles of these plants.

This one being Helianthus Debilis, subspecies devious, the west coast beach variety being Helianthus Debilis subspecies Vestitus and the cucumber leaf being subspecies cucumerfolius.

Below outlines where these species are native and their characteristics:

East coast: Nearly the entire length of Florida’s Atlantic coast. Flower heads teach 4 to 10 inches off the ground.

West Coast: The Gulf coast of Florida from Pinellas county down to Lee County, including the islands of Sanibel and Captiva. Flowers heads reach 2 to 6 inches from the ground. I have noticed that this species has a distinct and pleasant pine like scent when disturbed, but cannot confirm that this is isolated to this subspecies.

Cucumerfolius: From the farthest northern counties of the west coast of Florida, down south to Desoto county. Flower heads reach 7-10 inches off the ground

I also carry the west coast sunflower but have difficulty keeping it in stock due to local demand (I am on the west coast and after hurricane Ian, west coast sunflowers are struggling to return and I never collect wild seeds - particularly when these plants are struggling to return to our devastated beaches.) All seeds are collected from my personal plants.

Please message me if you are interested in the west coast variety of it is sold out and I will contact you as I have seeds available. I am also trying to get the cucumerfolius as well.

Also known as the East Coast Dune Sunflower, plants can reach up to 5 feet wide and make for an excellent ground cover. They bloom consistently throughout the year in zones 9B+, but will actually grow in zones as cool as 8A, where they will die back in winter and return from seed.

Plants are highly salt and drought tolerant once established. They are found naturally in dunes on and near the beach but will grow well inland as well.

A very important pollinator plant for native bees and butterflies

Perennial zones 9-11

This is for 25 seeds

Florida East Coast Beach Sunflower Seeds, PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION! Dune

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