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I had a request for this plant, (Salvia misella, also known as Salvia Riparia) from a doctor in Miami who wanted to fill a large area under some trees. It just so happened that this native sage was growing abundantly on my property, when I acquired it. 


A couple years later, I received another request. You are very fortunate if you happen to have this plant growing in your garden, if not, a few seeds will fill it in quickly. 


It is probably the most adapted and heartiest ground cover that you can grow in South Florida. I have it filling in a large area where is wraps itself along path-stones. 

It has a heavenly sage-esque scent and can be mowed! 


The tiny blue flowers are beloved by bees and other native pollinators. It remains green, year round and spreads quickly without being too aggressive. If it is growing out of the bounds that you desire, you can pull it or trim it.


It will grow in sun or shade, although it will flower more in full sun. 


A wonderful native for zones 9A-13


It spreads via runners and seeds, so seeds are only available at certain times of the year. 


This is for 10 seeds from my personal plants.

Southern River Sage Seeds, Salvia Misella, Florida Native Sage, Tropical Sage,

SKU: SA0810

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