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Sophora secundiflora, commonly known as Texas Mountain Laurel, is a small, evergreen tree native to the southwestern United States, particularly Texas and New Mexico. 


It is most noted for its showy purple and incredibly fragrant blooms that smell
like grape soda and emanate from the plant for quite the distance. 


The tree has dark green, leathery, compound leaves that remain on the tree year-round, providing consistent greenery.


It is well-suited for arid climates, as it is highly drought-tolerant once established. Great for Xeriscaping.


While its bright red seeds are visually striking, they are toxic if ingested and should be handled with care.


Reaches heights of 10-20 feet


Perennial zones 7-11


The seeds require scarification with a file and soaking to ensure germination. Instructions will be provided.

Texas Mountain Laurel Seeds, Sophora Secundiflora, Texas Native

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