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Sweetest Corn, Zea Mays

50 seeds


Cultivated specifically for one of the sweetest corn varieties on the market. Peaches and Cream is named after its particular sweet taste and yellow and white coloring. It has been bred to have a higher sugar content and also has a wonderful creamy and crisp texture. A little salt makes for a delightful salty sweet treat! Each color has its own unique taste with a slight difference from yellow to white.

This is for 50 Certified Organic seeds. Most plants will produce 1-2 ears giving you a nice harvest of up to 100 ears.

IMPORTANT: Ever plant corn and end up with ears with like 10 kernels on them? Here is why: Corn needs to be planted in a square pattern with a minimum of 4 rows. Corn is wind pollinated, so a square pattern allows for the corn to be pollinated no matter which way the wind blows. Planting in a single row only allows them to be pollinated when the wind is travelling in one direction, which we all know is everchanging. Also, the more you plant, the more opportunity for pollination from nearby plants.

A quick maturing variety, the corn is ready for harvest in only 60 days. Plant when temperatures are between 65 and 95 degrees.

Plants grow 6 feet tall and produce 8.5 inch ears.

Peaches and Cream is a hybrid. This does not mean it is GMO. Hybrids are created by man or bees but do not occur in a lab and are not genetically modified. Hybrids can occur naturally or can be man made by pollinating two plants to make a new variety. This happens naturally all the time while bees buzz from one plant to another where cross pollination occurs.

Plants and seeds that are genetically modified do not qualify for organic certification. Non GMO does not mean organic. Organic does mean Non GMO. Not all fruits and vegetables necessarily be grown organically as many of them are naturally disease resistant and pesticides aren’t typically used, such as pineapples. Corn is a crop where you want to opt for organic. Most corn that you purchase in the store is genetically modified, unfortunately.

I used to always go for the fancy colored corns but they don’t always produce so well and don’t provide much disease resistance in many cases. Sometimes it’s best to go with the classic yellow or bi-color corn.

I combine shipping on all seed orders, you pay one flat fee for as many seeds as you would like for no additional shipping. Orders over $35 for any combination of items in my shop ship for free!

All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Organic Peaches and Cream Corn Seeds

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