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The most important medicinal herbs according to,  "The lost book of herbal remedies." 


If you want the 10 most important medicinal herbs, these are it. 


Each seed type is separated in individual packs in attractive black envelopes and enclosed in a beautiful black box for storage. The seeds are in plastic bags inside the envelopes to keep the seeds fresh. Seeds will not last long when stored in paper alone. A total of 1,500 seeds.


Each box includes the following:
Marshmallow  - 50 seeds
Chicory - 100 seeds
Echinacea - 100 seeds
Feverfew - 200 seeds
Calendula (Pacific Beauty) - 50 seeds
California Poppy - 200 seeds
White Yarrow - 500 seeds
Yellow Evening Primrose - 100 seeds
German Chamomile - 100 seeds
Lavender - 100 seeds

SeedCult never uses any GMO's, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Medicinal Herb Seed Collection in Gift Box, Sampler Gift, 10 Individual Packs


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