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200 seeds


No flower has quite the intense orange and yellow hues that you find in marigolds. Plus, they have an irresistible smell! The naturally occurring substances responsible for those odors are terpene and limonene and these are the magical chemicals that keep pests away!

Marigolds make for excellent companion plants to keep pests away from both them and surrounding plants. They keep away white fly, fight off harmful nematodes and attract beneficial insects that eat the bad bugs!

All this and a brilliant splash of the warm color spectrum for your garden. Eye catching and irresistible!

These are fat beauties, with blooms up to 4 inches across!

This is for approx 200 seeds

I combine shipping on all orders. Just one shipping cost no matter how many seeds you order and shipping for US orders of $35 is free!

Crackerjack Marigold Seeds, African, Yellow and Orange, Tagetes Erecta


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