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Sambucus Racemosa

50 seeds


Elderberries have long been used for their medicinal benefits.

Elderberry should be cooked and made into syrups, they can also be made into, jellies, jams and pies.

Elderberry seeds take patience, in nature, some of the fruit falls off the plant and the seeds are exposed to warm temperatures that slowly turn into cool and then cold.

Spring, summer or early fall is a good time to plant them for emergence the following spring.

This can be stratified as well, by planting the seeds in flats and waiting for 60 days, then put the flat in a plastic bag and then your refrigerator for 120 days or until temps are warm enough to plant back outside.

Grows 3 to 14 feet tall

Perennial zones 3-7

This is for 50 seeds

Red Elderberry Seeds

SKU: SB3250

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