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50 seeds


These are such a delight to find in the woods. tiny wild strawberries just packed with flavor. You won’t find these in the store, which makes them even more special.

Annnnd…it’s a native! These make for an excellent ground cover, flowers for the bees and fruit for you!

The seeds need 60 days of cold stratification. plant seeds in fall/winter or cold stratify in your refrigerator for 60 days - fools the seeds into a moist paper towel, then a ziploc bag and put them in your refrigerator for 60 days, then sow as normal.

Perennial zones 3-9

This is for 50 seeds

I combine shipping on all seed orders, you pay one flat fee for as many seeds as you would like for no additional shipping. Orders over $35 for any combination of items in my shop ship for free to the US!

All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Wild Strawberry Seeds, Tiny Sweet Feuit, Fragaria Virginiana

SKU: FR0350R

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