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500 seeds


Dahlberg Daisy has such cheerful sunny faces, surrounded by delicate wispy foliage. The whole plant just gives a soft effect to any garden area. They look great in mass plantings as well.

The are relatively short, growing no taller than a foot and bloom profusely.

While native to Texas, they will grow anywhere from zones 5-11, making them a great fit for desert climates (including cold ones) from spring to fall and even humid climates from fall until summer.

Here in Florida, they die back when the summer rains start and return in fall. In climates 5-8, they return every spring and persist until late fall.

In dry climate zones 9-11, they just keep going! Very resilient little guys.

These are a very beneficial wildflower and important for pollinators

This is for 500 seeds

Dahlberg Daisy Seeds, Texas Native Wildflower, Thymophylla TenuilobaTY0


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