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Corydalis Lutea, also known as Golden Bleeding heart or False Bleeding Heart looks very similar to the Dicentra species in both foliage and flowers. The golden bleeding heart in the Dicentra family (see my other listing) is a vine, whereas this is a shrub, similar to the pink bleeding heart, therefore making it an excellent companion to the pink bleeding heart.

It’s a nice bushy plant (15 inches tall x 18 inches wide) with profuse blooms and a long flowering period from May to September. Just like Dicentra, the foliage is delicate, almost fern like.

It easily self seeds.

It requires a period of warmth followed by a period of cold. Seeds can be sown at a warm time of year (when there is 35 days left of warm temperatures) followed by winter, where the planted seeds will emerge in spring.

This can also be simulated, by planting in pots at room temperature for 45 days and then transferring the pots into plastic bags for 60 days. These are well worth the trouble and make a stunning display in any garden zones between 4 and 8.


This is for 10 seeds

False Golden Bleeding Heart Seeds, Corydalis Lutea

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