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We have a food forest here, where I live, where they help under developed countries, by showing them modern farming techniques. The facility is open to the public where you can observe edible plants that are native or grow well in your particular region.


Of the hundreds of plants in the facility every single bee was on the Thai basil. This is an excellent, excellent plant for attracting and helping save bees. 


On top of that, the flavor is incredible, similar to the basil you’re familiar with, but with lots of hints of licorice/anise. A very complex flavor. A must have in your herb garden. They grow large and plentiful, where you can harvest at any time and  the plant will quickly regenerate.


The leaves are green with purple in the center where the flower spikes develop, which are quite long and purple, this is where the bees come in.


Short lived perennial (2-3 years) in zones 9+. Can also be brought indoors or grown as an annual 


This is for 100 seeds


Thai Sweet Basil Seeds, Ocimum Basilicum


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