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The new Blushing Susie black Eyed Susan Vine!

This is the classic black eyed Susan in a vine form, technically Thunbergia. Orange, yellow and white have been available for a while now, now comes the blushing pink-red!

These are quick to mature and can be grown as an annual in any zone or a perennial in zones 9B+.

Sow the Seeds indoors 8 weeks before your last expected frost. It will bloom from spring to fall and provide you with seeds before dying off in winter. It can also be propagated from cuttings by simply placing the vine stems in a glass of water to over winter for the following spring planting. It can also be grown as a ground cover.

In zones 9B+ it will just continue to grow.

This is for 10 seeds

Blushing Susie Black Eyed Susan Vine Seeds

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