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Moringa Oleifera Dwarf, Miracle Plant, Tree of Life

10 Seeds, rare


A dwarf version of the Moringa tree with the same benefits as regular Moringa in a compact size. Perfect for cold climates that need to keep this plant in a pot!

This is not a Moringa that has been pruned to stay small, it is a PKM-1 hybrid from India that naturally remains smaller. It is cross pollinated, not GMO. It will grow 6-8 feet tall rather than the standard Moringa tree that grows from 30-40 feet.

Trimming is still encouraged as with regular Moringa. If left Un-trimmed, it will rapidly grow to 6 feet tall with all the growth are the top of the plant. Start trimming when the plant reaches 3-4 feet to encourage more lateral branching and thereby more leaves!

This is for 10 Seeds

Moringa is quickly becoming a superfood for its numerous and miraculous benefits. It is one of the only plants on this beautiful planet that you could survive on alone.

Moringa is extremely easy to grow, do not overwater. Best in USDA Zones 9 and 10.

Any Zone as a patio plant that is brought inside in winter!

Start out in a pot until plant is established and can be transferred to the ground in zones 9+. Can be kept in a pot permanently.

Needs 6 hours of direct indoor or outdoor sunlight per day. General Household Fertilizer can be used. Do not allow to freeze. In colder climates, keep in a pot and transfer indoors in the winter.

🌿 Reduces Inflammation

🌿 Fights Free Radicals

🌿 Improves Digestion

🌿 Improves Mood

🌿 Astringent - Fights Bad Bacteria and Acne

🌿 Fights Aging And Improves Memory

🌿Loaded with Essential Nutrients and Vitamins

🌿Reduces Blood Sugar

🌿 Omega 3

🌿4 x The Protein of Eggs!

You pay one flat rate for as many seeds as you would like. Any additional seeds ship for no additional charge. Orders over $35 for any combination of items in my shop ship for free.

My seeds are tested and guaranteed.

DWARF Moringa Seeds

SKU: MR0110

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