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Caraway, Cuminum Cyminum

100 seeds


Cumin, also known as caraway is a spice used to sometimes flavor rye bread.

It is also much less commonly known as the secret ingredient to most of Taco Bell seasonings. I discovered this by finding a copycat recipe for taco bell seasoning.

Taco Bell lists their ingredients as spices, they don’t actually tell you that they use a very large amount of cumin.

When making this copycat recipe and using the cumin, it was very clear that it is a strong and abundant spice used in their food.

You can use cumin to make your own tacos and much healthier too!

It’s it’s also a plant that produces beautiful white flowers, reminiscent of Queen Anne’s lace, without being invasive and is actually also a member of the carrot/parsley family.

Some say it’s an annual, others a biennial. Plant will re-seed, if you wish to grow it similar to a perennial.

This is for 100 seeds

Cumin Seeds


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