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Baptista Australis

50 seeds


A source if indigo dye, wild blue indigo is a major attractor of butterflies.

It is a very beneficial US Native Praitie wildflower

Seed scan be down in fall for a spring emergence or cold stratified for just one week and sown in spring. Fall is a good time to plant these for warmer climates too.

Grow 2-4 foot high with dozens of gorgeous blue blooms. It is also nitrogen fixing as it is the family fabaceae (legume or pea) which returns nitrogen to the soil that is absorbed from the air, rather than depleting it. It enriches the soil.

Blue wild indigo can live for decades, returning every year with more and more plants, without being invasive.

Perennial Zones 3-9

This is for 50 seeds

Blue Wild Indigo Seeds

SKU: BP0150

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