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Organic Hale's Best, Nearly 100% Resistance to powdery mildew

50 seeds


An organic and heirloom cantaloupe that loves heat!! To top it off, Hale's Best is nearly 100% resistant to powdery mildew!

If you have ever tried to grow melons in hot and humid climates, you know all about powdery mildew and that it is the bane of your gardening existence! Hale's best is what you need to grow from here on out!

Handles very hot temperatures, I even grow this in summer in Florida. I will never grow any other cantaloupe again. Absolutely fantastic.

I prefer to trellis my melons to avoid powdery mildew, but these can be allowed to ramble on the ground.

Trellising is still nice to save space. If you want to trellis, just use pantyhose to support the fruit when you spot them. It makes a perfect little sling to protect the fruits from falling off the vines.

This is for 50 Organic seeds

Hot Climate Cantaloupe Seeds

SKU: CU0950

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