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Soapweed 50 seeds


Grows 3-4 feet wide with a glorious bloom on a 4 1/2 foot stalk

These are seeds gathered from a plant with beautiful pink tinged white blossoms

Plants provide food and nesting for small mammals, birds and reptiles.

Native Americans used the roots for stomachache (always cooked), inflammation, as a stiptic for bleeding, in baths for sprains, shampoo and to treat poison ivy.

The root was also used to make soap which is where the name soapweed arises. It was also used to prevent hair loss and to kill lice and for dandruff

Most people don't know that it is highly attractive to butterflies and also the Yucca moth

CAUTION: Leaves are very sharp!

Perennial zones 3-10 Can be grown in a vary wide range of zones, but prefers dry climates

This is for 50 seeds

Yucca Glauca Seeds

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