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Another great gift for the gardener that doubles as a chef! 11 of the "staple" culinary herbs. 

Each seed type is separated in individual packs in attractive black envelopes and enclosed in a beautiful black box for storage.


The seeds are in plastic bags inside the envelopes to keep the seeds fresh. Seeds will not last long when stored in paper alone. A total of 1,030 seeds. 


Each box includes the following:
Parsley (Curled) - 50 seeds
Sage - 30 seeds
Rosemary - 50 seeds
Thyme - 50 seeds
Oregano (Italian) - 200 seeds
Basil (Large Leaf Italian) - 200 seeds
Cilantro - 100 seeds
Marjoram - 100 seeds
Dill - 100 seeds
Spearmint - 50 seeds
Peppermint - 100 seeds

SeedCult never uses any GMO's, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Culinary Herb Seed Collection in Gift Box, Sampler Gift, 10 Individual Packs


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