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Such a darling and delicate flower, the dwarf lantern flower, or Albuca Shawii is plant with succulent like leaves and yellow orchid like flowers borne on stalks. It prefers bright indirect light, making it for an ideal house plant. This is a close relative of 'Frizzle Sizzle."

It can also be grown outdoors in zones 9-12. 


If growing indoors, be sure to give it adequate light. Indoor light is not equal to the intensity of outdoor light. The plant should be grown in a southern or western facing window or under a grow light. If growing outdoors, in zones above, this plant should be exposed to eastern or northern light. 


This is for 20 seeds

Dwarf Yellow Lantern Flower Seeds, Shaw's Albuca, Albuca Shawii, House Plants

SKU: AL6020

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