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A great gift for chefs, gardeners, people who love to display and eat what they grow. Imagine a charcuterie and salad spread with all the flower colors of the rainbow and all edible! 


Each seed type is separated in individual packs in attractive black envelopes and enclosed in a beautiful black box for storage. The seeds are in plastic bags inside the envelopes to keep the seeds fresh. Seeds will not last long when stored in paper alone. A total of 820 seeds.


Each box includes the following:

Single or Double Butterfly Pea (depending on availability - if you have a preference and I have both available, let me know and I will certainly accommodate - 10 seeds
Strawberry Blonde Calendula - 20 seeds
Rainbow Mix Cornflower - 100 seeds
Jewel Mix Nasturtium - Red, Orange, Yellow Flowers - 50 seeds
Blue Borage - 20 seeds
White Borage - 20 seeds
Crackerjack Marigold - Orange and Yellow - 200 seeds
Johnny Jump Up Viola - 100 seeds
Pink Evening Primrose - 100 seeds
Lemon Mint Bergamot - 200 seeds


SeedCult never uses any GMO's, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Edible Flower Seed Gift Box Collection, Sampler Gift, 10 Individual Packs, 820 s


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