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Golden Midget watermelon is a small, heirloom variety of watermelon known for its compact size, sweet taste, and distinctive golden-yellow flesh. They are much smaller than regular watermelons, typically weighing between 3 to 5 pounds (1.4 to 2.3 kg). The rind of the Golden Midget is thin and has a mottled green and yellow color, making it easy to distinguish from other watermelon varieties.

The most remarkable feature of the Golden Midget watermelon is its flesh, which is incredibly sweet and juicy. The flavor is often described as exceptionally sweet with a hint of honey, making it a favorite among watermelon enthusiasts.

Golden Midget watermelons are well-suited for home gardens and small spaces due to their compact size. They require warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight to thrive. Like other watermelon varieties, they prefer well-drained soil and consistent watering.

These watermelons are typically ready for harvest about 70 to 75 days after planting. To determine if they are ripe, look for signs such as a change in color, a duller skin texture, and a slightly hollow sound when tapped. Also, the tendril closest to the stem usually dries up when the watermelon is ripe.

This is for 10 seeds

Golden Midget Watermelon Seeds, Citrullus Lanatus, CI4510

SKU: CI4510

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