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This is for 2 Rare Midnight Black Calla Lily Bulbs. One of the only Calla's with truly black blooms. The foliage is green with white spots. Calla Lily's are very easy to grow and commonly grown in pots. One single bulb can give you one good sized plant with multiple blooms. 2 will fill a nice big pot or you can keep one and give one as a gift. Perfect for the gothic gardener. Highly prized by florists.

Each bulb can produce anywhere from 3 to 22 flowers. They grow to 10-12 inches in height and each bulb should be spaced 12-18 inches apart making one enough for a good sized pot or a focal point in the garden.


Growing zones 8-10 In growing zones 7, mulch around the plants in fall or these can easily be grown indoors in containers. Many people assume that Calla's are annuals but they are actually perennials. Calla's bloom in summer and will go dormant for two months. Do not throw them away! Give them two months of rest as they start to decline and begin watering again after two months and they will return year after year. In the ground you can just leave them be and they will come back when the conditions are right. 


These typically sprout in 2 weeks from bulbs. 


Bulbs, Corms and bare root plants can take some time to sprout. Please allow 10 weeks before determining that the roots/bulbs are not going to emerge. Many plants will not emerge until conditions are just right. All bulbs are provided with detailed growing instructions. Please adhere to these instructions for best results.

Midnight Black Calla Lily Bulbs (2), Zantedeschia 'Montevideo'

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