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Turk Cap’s Lillie's are typically available in shades of orange, this is a pink form that is rarely available in the seed world.

Pink Lilium martagon, is a captivating and graceful perennial flowering plant that enchants with its unique and elegant blooms.

It boasts tall, slender stems that can reach heights of 3 to 5 feet, adorned with whorls of narrow, lance-shaped leaves and multiple flowers on each stalk. Its most distinctive feature is its enchanting flowers, which resemble delicate, pendant-shaped cups. The petals gracefully curl backward and are adorned in soft shades of pink, creating an exquisite and intricate appearance. The center of the flower showcases darker spotting or freckles, adding to its allure.

Martagon Lilies hold historical and cultural significance, having been cultivated for centuries and admired for their beauty and symbolism. They are often associated with grace, femininity, and enchantment, making them a popular choice for ornamental gardens and flower arrangements.

It prefers partial shade, which makes it suitable for areas with dappled sunlight.

The plant thrives in cooler climates and is often preferred in regions with temperate to colder weather.

Perennial zones 3-8

The seeds require a period of warm and then cold to break dormancy. They can be planted in spring, summer or early fall, depending on your growing zone, and will emerge the following spring. You can mimic these conditions by planting them in small pots and exposing them to warm temperatures (75-80 degrees) for 60 days and then cold temperatures (refrigerator) for 60 days. Put the pots in sealed plastic to retain moisture while in the refrigerator, then place back in 75-80 degree temps.

This is for 10 seeds

Pink Turk’s Cap Lily Seeds, Lilium Martagon

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