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An exciting new variety of petunia with a true trailing/vining habit. This unique plant can actually grow up to 6 feet tall (or long.) For growing up, you will need a support. Otherwise you can allow it to trail along the ground or down from a hanging basket. 


To top it off, the blooms are gorgeous and I just love the names 'Tickled Pink' and 'Tickled Blush.' See my other listing for tickled blush, these go along perfectly together. 


Technically a tender perennial in zones 9-13 where it can live for 2-3 years. Typically grown as an annual.


This is for 10 pelleted seeds for easier planting and seed preservation

Tickled Pink Vining/Trailing Petunia Seeds, 6 foot long petunia, Petunia Hybrida

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